The Franchising Opportunity
This is a unique opportunity to join us as we grow our brand into a nationally recognized restaurant.

We have developed a business model and operations plan that is easily replicated in any city in the United States. Rockin’ Crepes offers ongoing support to its franchisees by providing seasoned real estate guidance, ongoing operational support, and marketing programs designed to optimize profitability and boost register receipts. There is a huge opportunity for aggressive expansion in key territories.

Although recently franchised, Rockin’ Crepes has built an incredibly strong following and a community that has embraced everything Rockin’ Crepes stands for.

Franchise Profile
• Initial Fee: $20,000
• Investment Range: $200,000-350,000
• Liquid Capital Req: $85,000
• In Business Since: 2008
• Training & Support: Yes
Ideal Candidate
Our ideal candidate has a background in restaurant management (preferably franchise restaurants), strong management skills, the ability to consistently motivate themselves and those around them, and the willingness to devote time and energy to the business

Franchise Support
Rockin’ Crepes is designed to provide you with up-to-date tools and support systems needed to create just the right meal experience for each customer.

We make the following support services available to franchisees:

• We provide ongoing training and support for our franchisees.
• We keep our royalties at a low 4% to ensure you are able to reinvest and grow your business.
• Financing is available through recommended third-party lenders to prequalified candidates.
• We provide operations support, as well as:
• Site selection assistance
• The manuals necessary to ensure uniformity
• Specialized classroom and restaurant training for operators, managers and staff
• Extensive marketing and communications support
• Ongoing promotions with strong brand positioning across every touch point – email, social, mobile, and web, to reach present and future guests
• Culinary expertise in menu planning and food preparation
• Hospitality industry and event planning expertise.

Rockin Crepes famous batter is made from a secret family recipe that reduces calories and provides the perfect complement to your choice of fresh, quality ingredients. It’s made fresh daily, and because it’s made with fresh eggs, milk and butter, it has plenty of protein and less carbs than any tortilla. PLUS, it simply tastes better! Whether you’re eating a savory or sweet crepe, your choice of ingredients will be the star of the show.

With fondues, smoothies and salads, Rockin’ Crepes is every customer’s one-stop shop for delicious food in an incredibly fun atmosphere.

With a marquee selection of micro-brewed beers, cocktails to die for, an assortment of wines, delicious food, and a fun atmosphere, Rockin’ Crepes is the right choice for any franchisee looking for a successful turnkey business that is rewarding and profitable.

Our theme is Rock ’n’ Roll, our décor captures the essence of bands from the 1970’s through the 80’s. Our menu items are named after famous groups such as: Judas Priest, Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Motley Crue, Ratt, Black Crowes, Led Zeppelin, Megadeth, Poison, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, and much much more. The ambience is high energy and filled with a level of enthusiasm that is unmatched.

Visitors from as far as New York have taken a seat in our restaurant and asked the same question: “Why aren’t you in my area?” As a result, we could no longer sit around offering excuses, so we franchised our restaurant in 2015.

“We hope you enjoy our little slice of Rock n Roll”

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